Dacia Malum is a part of Project Characters and has been graded bronze.

Dacia Malum
Current Place of No Stars
Warrior Dacia Malum
Age Approx. 67 moons (5.58 years)
Status Faded
Cause of Death Twisted Spinal Cord
Debut History
Last Post History
Owner None

Dacia Malum was a long-haired, black-based brown and white tabby tom with yellow eyes. In many tales, he is regarded as the first spirit sent to the Place of No Stars, and thus the very founder of the unholy forest.

The tom was sent there after brutally murdering his long-term mate while she was a month pregnant. His origin is unknown, but cats tend to speculate upon what Clan he belonged to. Often making him out to be a former warrior of ShadowClan.