On this wiki there a three Clans - MountainClan, ValleyClan, and OceanClan. These groups were founded after members from the legendary Clans of Thunder, River, Wind and Shadow were forced to evacuate their territories after a series of plagues. These plagues includes flooding, sickness and finally a storm that caused the strongest fire that the Clans had ever seen.
The cats that survived were two ThunderClan warriors - Cloudnose and Wisteriapelt. A pregnant ShadowClan named Nettlewhisker. Troutpaw and Reedpaw, a pair of RiverClan apprentices, and Campionstar and Sheeptail, the leader and medicine cat of WindClan. These cats all came together and fled the territories, heading towards sun-drown place. Eventually when the cats made it Nettlewhisker gave birth to her litter of kits - Flykit, Swiftkit, and Sleetkit. It was decided by Campionstar that they would have to set up a new territory.
As the journeyed closer to the sun-drown place, the cats were found by a group of loners. These loners told them of a place running parallel to the great water. A place of prey and land as far as the eye could see. The Clan cats stayed with the group for a moon, allowing the young kits to find their paws and become strong. When it came time for them to leave the loner group sent a couple of its own to join the Clan cats on their journey. These two cats were named Thames and Maya.